Course Description

This course is an introductory survey of today’s complex and consistently transforming fashion and textiles business environment. A survey of fashion wholesale and retail environments will be explored to offer students a clear understanding of various textiles types with an emphasis on its interaction with fashion merchandisers, buyers, and retailers. Students acquire basic knowledge of fibers, yarns, cloth construction, finishes, and embellishments necessary to determine quality and to make appropriate fabric choices for contemporary fashion apparel and home furnishings.


Final Project(s)

Research Paper on Natural Dye

This research paper outlines my findings about the significance of using blueberries to dye natural fabrics. Natural dyeing can be traced back to prehistoric times, it explains why people dyed their clothes naturally, and it also explains step by step how the dyeing process may be performed.

Weaving Project

This assignment is an opportunity for me to share my knowledge of weaving patterns. The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to learn the meaning behind each pattern, its origin, and how it is woven. During this assignment, three weaving patterns are described.