Course Description

An economic perspective of textile products, production and global sourcing will be discussed with emphasis on United States apparel industries. This is a writing intensive course. At least 65% of your assignments and exams will be written. All assignments and exams will be graded for grammar, spelling, and other components of good writing technique, as well as content. All written assignments must be computer generated.


Final Project(s)

Listed below are a few of the most significant pieces of writing I produced during my undergraduate years. This document contains my final essay, midterm essay, and first quiz writing assignment for this course. The following papers discuss various chapters from the book Rosen E.I Globalization In The Apparel Industry. It is a very intensive and detailed work that gives the reader a very thorough understanding of intext citations, the history of sweatshops, and so much more. 

Final Essay Exam
Midterm Essay Exam
Quiz #1 Introduction