Course Description

An exploration of visual merchandising through the consideration of product presentation in the retail environment. Investigates the theoretical and practical use of in-store environments, lighting, special effects, fixtures and product placement as a form of visual communication intended to convey a specific message about the fashion brand and to influence the consumer. Topics include the creation of specialty and department store displays, the design of visuals for walls and windows, professional presentation techniques, and the effects of color, music and lighting on consumer behavior. Continues the development of student’s Retail Marketing e-Portfolios in Open Lab.


Final Project(s)

Fashion Show Critic Paper

In this final paper, I examine the work of Kenneth Ize as a fashion critic. Rather than looking solely at the clothing he created for his most recent collection, I had to examine his work as a whole and look beyond it. This was in order to understand the choice of colors and styles. Also, the paper follows the APA format. 

Color Analysis Project

This color analysis assignment explains how primary, secondary, and tertiary colors differ from one another. Additionally, I have designed my own monochromatic cross-merchandising strategy for three different colors.