Hello, my name is Amber Brion, and I am delighted to be introducing myself to you. My background is from Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic. I am proud to have Caribbean roots that allow me to have a strong sense of independence and strength. As a native of Manhattan, New York, one of the world’s most renowned fashion districts, fashion has always been a part of my everyday life. Considering life to be a colorful spectrum of experiences, I am especially committed to utilizing my fashion knowledge for my professional and personal success. I am very privileged to be the first member of my family to receive a college degree and I come from a hardworking family of immigrants. In my youth, I dreamed of one day establishing a legacy of wealth for my family, having been born in the United States. My greatest passion in life is to provide for my family as well as fulfill my overall life goals. My greatest privilege is being a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a best friend, and a girlfriend. For the role I play in each person’s life, I am a reflection of my value. In terms of my characteristics, I would describe them as ambition, diligence, and amiability. As a professional, professionalism is at the core of my life values, and I aim to incorporate these values into my career and professional goals. Moreover, I am very outspoken, a skilled observer, and a passionate advocate for the values I believe in.

Despite my outspoken nature, I can also be very shy at times. Regardless, I plan on showing my confidence in my work and my creativity to show that I am capable of achieving my goals. Also, I recognize myself as a person who is very dedicated and focused on achieving results. For the past two years, I have maintained a 3.7 GPA and I am continuing to work towards a higher grade point average. To succeed in graduate school, I will continue to keep this drive and dedication in mind. Having a strong professional career will also be a key component of my success. Since I spent more than seven years in college, my academic background holds tremendous meaning for me. Having transferred from a variety of schools along the way, such as Delaware State University, State University of New York at Delhi, and New York City College of Technology, I have been able to gain a great deal of knowledge and make mistakes with wide-ranging implications. These factors will be reflected in my professional and career goals as well as in my work. Although I am just getting started in my life, I am already doing so much. Representation is a huge factor in my life because I am a person of color. It is for that reason that I am constantly seeking to improve my ‘weak’ areas. It is because I will have the ability to become the most efficient and effective professional, person, and employee I can be. As I move forward in my life, it is imperative that I learn to live in the present. Despite all I have had to endure in my life, I will be strong-willed and stand firm to break these curses. My experiences throughout my journey have profoundly shaped me into the woman I am today.