Course Description

This course studies the management and operations of retail stores. Current practices in store layout, organization, personnel management, service to customers, expense budgeting and control, receiving, and marketing are analyzed. Methods and techniques employed by buyers in selecting new lines, assortment planning, placing orders, pricing and handling, and other phases of the buying job are investigated. This course is an ePermit course that I took in substitute of BUF 3510.


Final Project(s)

Below is an analysis of my short term rental business plan. A business plan is included in this work as is a SWOT analysis presentation about my competitor, as well as the final project of my business plan presentation. You will learn about the company I started, my company’s SWOT analysis, a financial forecast and how I will advertise my brand. It proved to be of substantial value in learning how to market your business and set it apart from the competition. As well as helping me to develop an effective business plan for the future. 

Business Plan
SWOT Analysis On Competitor
Final Business Project