In developing this ePortfolio, I aim to demonstrate the extent to which I have accumulated a significant amount of knowledge and wisdom during my undergraduate career. In addition, the knowledge and wisdom gained during my time at New York City College of Technology will highlight all the hard work and dedication I have demonstrated over the past couple of years. Described in my ePortfolio are the courses I have taken towards fulfilling my Major requirements. These courses have enabled me to gain valuable insight into the Fashion Industry as it is today. My work at the New York City College of Technology can be seen in the following coursework, which shows some of my achievements and growth. In addition, it has enabled me to find out what career path I will take in the Fashion Industry. I am extremely pleased to share the development of my work. This illustrates the extensive work I put into obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Technology of Fashion from the New York City College of Technology.

Among the major degree requirements for my major, I completed projects that exhibited my most optimistic work performance. Through these projects, my analytical, collaborative, organizational, and communication skills were significantly enhanced. I view my e-portfolio as a reflection of my growth as a student, both personally and professionally, which will assist me in preparing for the real world and the workplace. With strong confidence, I am optimistic about the dedication and structure I have built over the last few years. This will serve me well in my professional endeavors. Overall, in light of my education at New York City College of Technology, I feel well suited to demonstrate my abilities.

My Brand Image

Amber Brion is the name of my brand, and I am Amber Brion. I was named Amber by my mother, which means “jewel”, and Brion by my father, which means “high or noble”. A color scheme for my brand is beige, farrow, and dark brown. This color scheme was chosen because it represents significant aspects of my life. Beige has been interpreted as symbolizing neutrality, calmness, and relaxation, which reflects my personal style. My choice of font color is dark brown, which signifies strength and reliability. I believe that this represents an imperative aspect of being a woman of color. Seeing as Farrow represents balance, harmony, and peace, it offers me a sense of comfort and helps me appreciate the simple things in life. Fonts I selected are Le Jour Script, Hatton and Montersat. Each of them embodies elegance, feminism, and boldness, which I am proud to embody. Amber Brion is an example of a woman of color who is intellectual, strong-minded, and self-driven. My stance is feminist and I identify as a woman. The culture in which I live is rich in Afro-Caribbean heritage and family is of utmost importance. My nature is easygoing, and I am passionate about helping others. Amber Brion, a brand that is devoted to leadership, diligence, work, and dedication, is something we’ll get to discover and learn more about in this ePortfolio.