Welcome Home, The Story of Scott Ostrom

Craig F. Walker – a photographer at The Denver Post – won his second Pulitzer Prize – an award for an outstanding achievement in print journalism for “ Welcome Home: The Story of Scott Ostrom”. This was an interesting article to read because it showed a chronological order of Scott Ostrom’s life who at the age of 27 returned home from Iraq with a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. He said to be constantly struggling “to overcome his brutal and haunting memories of Iraq”. The article contained meaningful photos of Ostrom’s daily life, how he attempted suicide because he felt lost in life, how he struggled to live a normal life, how his experience in Iraq affected his relationship with his girlfriend, how he tried to overcome his trauma, among others. Although he was no longer in combat, his whole life was a mess because there were many memories that could not be deleted. In the middle of the story Ostrom’s attorney said, “We send these kids off to war — we make them see things people otherwise wouldn’t have to see. Then we expect them to come back and behave like the rest of us” and this is the truth, people who has been sent to war cannot just walk away from it and live like nothing happened. Like it or not, there are consequences for everything. Isn’t it? We just have to learn how to deal with them.




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