Christina Gulabchand: Use of Social Media in Hospitality

Christina Gulabchand

January 2018/Prof. Cheng

Social Media in Hospitality

ARTH  1100

The use of social media in hospitality, currently, is essential to the success of a business. Social media helps to draw attention to the new modern menus and restaurant layout also. People are going to restaurants just due to the idea that they look interesting to be in. This plus an eye- grabbing menu helps to brighten anyone’s attention to a business. Menu items are being created with more color and tastes. This alone draws in a larger crowd of people, since you’d be catering to multiple palettes.

Social media is the “word of mouth” of our times. Everything is posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the public to see. The ports of social media help to draw customers, food critics, etc. The internet is the bridge connecting success and marketing. Utilizing social media correctly, in regards to hospitality, is what can help a business grow and stay successful, even among the different growing trends and fads that we have in the food industry. From milkshakes that have a piece of cake on top, to bubble tea restaurants, and even tacos with gold sheets on top, social media has helped the public to become more open minded and even support local businesses. Personally, I believe social media, again when used correctly, can be the adding factor to the success of any business.