Requirements for Final Review


Monday, May 20

Preliminary Presentation Review:
Prepare a draft of your presentation for class on Thursday, 5/16, to discuss during your desk crit.

Final Review:
Each student will have 10 minutes total, approximately 5 minutes for presentation, and 5 minutes for comments. To make best use of this time, and for a strong presentation, you must prepare! Plan what you will present, how you will visually present it, and what you will say. Practice your presentation and limit yourself to approximately 10-15 pages/slides.


  • Store Concept and Logo
  • Concept Model & Drawings (bring your concept model)
  • Overall Massing of your building based on zoning study
  • How your store relates to its context (drawings/diagrams/research)
  • Plan of store within immediate site context
  • Store program
  • Plans (each floor)
  • Sections (at least 2)
  • Exterior Elevations (east and south)
  • Interior Elevations
  • Enlarged ADA bathroom plans and elevations
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Material Concept/Material Board(s)
  • Display examples and display organization
  • Representation of space and materiality (this can include axonometric or perspective drawings, exploded axonometrics, rendered views, etc)
  • Physical model of store design is optional

All presentations will be projected. Students must arrive by 8:15 to upload their presentations before the review begins at 8:30. Being on time will be a factor of your grade. If you are late, your grade will be reduced.

By the next day, 5/21, post your presentation to the blog. This is required, and you will not receive a grade without posting.  Categorize your post under your name and under “Post 12_Final Presentation Project 2.”


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