Assignment 7


Due 5/2/13

For Assignment 7 you will begin to solidify your design for your store. Create plans, sections and exterior elevations with a schematic design level of detail (here is the drawing set example we looked at in class: SD Set). Make sure your store name and your name is on your boards.

Your boards should include the following:

  • One plan for each level of your store
  • At least two sections through the most telling parts of your store
  • Two exterior elevations for your store, south and east


  • Draw your plans at 1/8″-1′-0″ scale. (Your sections and elevations should be at this same scale)
  • Show your program areas and how they are defined, (through things such as geometry, furniture, casework, materials, etc)
  • Show where your doors are, and important dimensions
  • Think of where you have structure for your building, and if this affects your layout (you will likely just have structural walls and columns at the perimeter, but if your facade is all glass, you will need to show where the columns are)


  • Draw at least two sections–one should go east-west, and the other north-south
  • Show your floor to floor height
  • Think about if you have an exposed underside of slab for a ceiling, a finished ceiling below it with a cavity for lights, etc, or a combination of both
  • Show any geometry cut through in the space
  • Include any stairs if you have them

Exterior Elevations

  • Draw a south and east elevation of the exterior facade of your store
  • Show the extents of your facade, with dimensions
  • Start to show what types of design elements and materials you will use (for example, show glass panels if it will be an all-glass storefront)
  • Show where you will place your signage and what this signage will look like.

Before Thursday’s class, post your board to the blog. It should be 11×17 format, and JPEG file type. You will need at least 2 pages to hold all of your work.  Keep the file size under 2mb. Categorize your post under your name and under “Post 7_Plans/Sections/Elevations.”

Everyone should print out their 11×17 pages and be ready to pin them up first thing in the morning.


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