Assignment 9


Due 5/9/13

For Assignment 9 you will begin to choose your materials and incorporate them into your design.  Choose materials the support your store concept and overall design intent. The examples we looked at together in class is linked here: PDF

Your board should include the following:

  • Picture of a physical board of materials, or digital board of materials
  • A material code for each material both on your images of materials, and on your materials list
  • A list of material codes, with material names and location of use

Material Board

  • Choose materials for all of your major building components, including floors, interior walls, exterior walls, ceilings, displays, etc.
  • Organize these onto a board, and give each material a material code, for example, if you have wood flooring, it could be WF1, and if you have a second type of wood flooring, it would be WF2.

Material List

  • Organize your material codes into a material list, and write out what each material is named, the manufacturer if you can, any additional info on the material, and the location the material is used, such as “floors in changing rooms.”

Before Thursday’s class, post your board to the blog.  Categorize your post under your name and under “Post 9_Materials.”

Be ready to present your work to Professor Bouratoglou.

Keep developing your design!

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