Assignment 8


Due 5/6/13

For Assignment 8 you will begin to design your store display.

Your board should include the following:

  • Drawings and renderings of at least one type of display for your store
  • Provide notes to explain your design
  • Draw a sketch or diagram to explain your overall concept/idea of display for your store

Display Drawings/Renderings

  • The type or types of display you design should be specific to your store
  • Take cues from your concept model and drawing–the “language” of your design should be consistent with these
  • Think through how your display can help you tell the customer what is unique about your store
  • You will not have time to design all of your possible displays, so pick one part or area crucial to your store design

Display Concept

  • Create a drawing or diagram to explain your overall idea for your store display. Use this to explain the full picture, without having to draw in detail every piece of it.

Before Monday’s class, post your board to the blog.  Categorize your post under your name and under “Post 8_Display.”

Be ready to present your work to the class.

Keep working on your plans, sections, and elevations! You can start to incorporate your store display into these drawings.

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