Assignment 2


Due 4/15/13

For Assignment 2 you will create a concept for a retail store and design its logo. Decide on a product or a service you will sell in your store. Know that your site for the store will not be large.  Use what you learned from your precedent study for assignment 1 and now create your own dynamic and strong brand and logo.

Your board should include the following:

  • Brand Statement
  • Logo

Brand Statement

  • One word or line “catch phrase” for your brand
  • What product/service the brand is for
  • Who the brand is targeting
  • What message the brand is giving the target audience
  • How the new brand is different from brands with similar products
  • What tone of voice, or personality the brand has
  • What concepts/ideas/feelings the branding evokes/creates
  • Minimum of 125 words, maximum 350 words (it should be clear and concise/to the point)


  • Create a logo and a name for your store/company
  • The logo can use images, text, or colors
  • The logo can include your company name, but it does not need to
  • Here’s a page of additional tips for creating your logo: Logo Tips

Before Monday’s class, post your board to the blog. It should be 11×17 format, and JPEG file type. Keep the file size under 2mb. Categorize your post under your name and under “Post 2_Store Concept & Logo.”

Be prepared to present your work to the class.

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