Assignment 6


Due 4/29/13

For Assignment 6 you will outline your program for you store at its specific site, and produce a diagrammatic layout.

Your board should include the following:

  • Program list/chart  (program)
  • Diagram(s) showing how your program is arranged to create your store (layout)


  • Create a program specific to your store and store concept
  • Use your site analysis to inform your program
  • Show a list of spaces and their proposed square foot areas
  • You can produce additional diagrams/drawings as necessary to create/develop/explain your program


  • Your layout diagram should clearly show your proposed program spaces on the site
  • Try to evoke your brand and concept both through your arrangement of program (content) and how your work appears visually on the page (representation)
  • Make sure your store name and logo are somewhere on your board

Before Monday’s class, post your board to the blog. It should be 11×17 format, and JPEG file type. Keep the file size under 2mb. Categorize your post under your name and under “Post 6_Program & Layout.”

Everyone will have desk crits on Monday.


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