Assignment 5


Due 4/25/13

For Assignment 5 you will conduct a site analysis, and use it to create a compelling diagram that shows how your store concept works within this context.

Your board should include the following:

  • Drawings, images, and text describing the site (site analysis)
  • Diagrams showing how your store will interact with the surrounding site (site + store concept interaction)

Site Analysis

  • Bring the site to life through your own eyes
  • All drawings, images, and text should be your own, not copied from an existing source
  • Read chapter III of “The Image of the City” by Kevin Lynch. Represent the site by creating your own “mental map,” drawing paths, edges, districts, nodes, landmarks. (Link to full text: The Image of the City)
  • Show us which surrounding buildings are residential, commercial or civic; public, private, or mixed; show us where the open space is
  • Tell us if there is anything meaningful about the history of the place that affects your understanding of the site
  • Show how natural light works at the site
  • Take pictures of and/or draw common materials, or materials that interest you around the site
  • Show what other kinds of facades are near the site

Site + Store Concept Interaction

  • After your site analysis is complete, show us how your store concept will interact with the site, for example:
  • What aspects of the surrounding site does your concept reinforce?
  • What aspects does it work against, or change?
  • What new connections or possibilities will your store concept create in this area?
  • The above should be shown in a diagram or diagrams that you create by hand or with the computer.

Before Thursday’s class, post your board to the blog. It should be 11×17 format, and JPEG file type. Keep the file size under 2mb. Categorize your post under your name and under “Post 5_Site Analysis.”

Be ready to share your work with the class on Thursday.


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