Need some help getting started on Project #3? Not sure what Project #3 requires?

The fundamental questions Project #3 asks are:

  1. what did you learn from doing research for Project #2 that you want to pass along to another person or group, and
  2. what’s the best format (genre) to convey that information to that particular group?

Here are the Project #3 assignment instructions.

Here is this week’s agenda (Week 14) that has some help for Project #3, and last week’s agenda (Week 13) that helps set it up.

Here is an announcement I made this week to help everyone think about the project.

Think about what’s a reasonable amount of time to work on Project #3, and when you have the time to do it. When will you be able to submit it?

I have office hours tomorrow (Tuesday) 1:30-2:30.

Please leave a comment here or reach out to me via email if you have questions or want to talk through Project #3 or anything else. If you want to give me an idea about how things are going for you, consider replying to this poll–all responses are anonymous, so if you say you need help, I can only provide general help like this unless you also follow up with me!

How are you doing with Project #3?

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