Three things related to working on Project #3:

First, it occurred to me that another way of thinking about audience and purpose for this project would be to think about clients. If you were designing a space, which kind of client would need to know what you learned? If you were tasked with designing student space, for example, you might want to tell your client about the benefits of, for example, meditation space in a student lounge. So your audience would be, perhaps, school administrators or SGA (Student Government Association) representatives who have an empty space to design.

If you want to write about clients as your audience, be specific about what client you’re imagining.

What genre would be beneficial to communicate with that audience? You can see that you might use a different format, different language, different length, if you were reaching out to City Tech administration vs. SGA.

Second, I’ve set up a poll for you to give me a sense of how you’re doing. The answers are all anonymous, meaning no one seeing the poll, answering the poll, or looking at the back end of the poll (me) can see who answered what, so you can answer truthfully without any concern!

How are you doing with Project #3?

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Third, I’m adding this post to our discussions in case it sparks an idea for anyone and you want to write a comment to share an idea. Or you can ask a question here, too. Or answer someone’s question!

As always, I’m happy to meet with anyone if you have time. I’m here to support you through this end-of-semester rush!