In life you get assigned multiple tasks and assignments that require a lot of time and effort to complete. Most people can say they are able to complete heavy tasks but it’s a lot easier said than done. For example, when in college chasing your dream job, you get assigned loads of work that seems impossible to complete. You might be surprised at how big of a factor the environment plays on you while you are trying to get work done. However, if you work in a space that is very quiet and provides no distractions, then you would be able to complete more work in a less amount of time. As I stated in my Annotated Bibliography from “21 Ways Architects Can Work Smarter, Not Harder”, “Try working fewer hours, not more. This forces you to focus on the most important tasks. Plus, research shows that working more than forty hours is downright unproductive.” Most people usually get distracted by all sorts of things while working on heavy tasks such as using their phones or by the noises in the background which leads to completing the task in a much longer duration and research shows that working for so many hours can be unproductive. Working in an environment with no distractions is an essential that is heavily overlooked and something that can drastically help people in their everyday life.

My one specific audience is the freshmans majoring in architecture technology because this is a major where you have to take classes that give assignments requiring multiple hours a day to be worked on while having a very high percentage of your gpa. From personal experience as well, working on the projects thrown at you can be very time consuming and difficult to complete. Most people assume that all architects do is draw and draft but that is just only a scratch of the surface. Get ready to be working on  cad models online for hours and model making complex structures for days. At first, the work may be overwhelming but you eventually get used to it and end up loving it. To add on, architecture projects are most of the grade percentage and there are only a few each class so you have to do great on all of them. They require a lot of precision and time and when worked on for too long, it can get very frustrating and time consuming. Working in an environment with no distractions can eliminate frustrations and time being wasted and as well could lead to a much better project that could heavily improve your final grade.

This information is extremely useful to any freshman taking architecture technology because this major can get really hard at times and require loads of time to be focused on and some people unfortunately aren’t able to fulfill that. For example, I was assigned a project to assemble a cube using only layers of cardboard which the end results into a shape of a cube. The work drove me crazy at first. I found it so frustrating and difficult because of how much time it was consuming from my day. However one day I decided that I absolutely needed to get this model complete. I put my phone away in my room, made sure that the area I was in is completely silent so there is nothing that could distract me and I got to work. In a little over an hour, I finished and I was so proud of myself. The amount of work I got done in such a short amount of time was staggering and it was work that was very precise and presentable as well. I later on went to receive an A in the project. At first I didn’t believe that the environment I was in while I was working had this much of an impact on my project but it most definitely did because instead of being on my phone and taking breaks every 5 minute during the project and getting distracted by noises around me, I put all my focus into completing the project letting nothing distract me from the work. If you ever believe that the work you’re given while taking architecture technology is “too much”, then place yourself in a working environment that provides no distractions and I guarantee you that you will complete your work in a much shorter amount of time with less frustrations and a better overall grade.

The genre I would choose for reaching my audience is a reflection essay because it shows my experience with the topic and explains how this technique can be used by others as well. The student reading this would be looking for tips and tricks on how to save time and eliminate frustrations on his or her  start of their architecture career. In addition, the students could find this reflection essay very useful because it shows how I used the tips and tricks and proved that it worked by describing a personal experience that was very recent. To add on as well, students can use this information and spread it across architecture clubs or friends they have majoring in the same field because it has been proven to be extremely helpful shown by my personal experience.

If I was trying to convey this information to freshman’s majoring in architectural technology and being in a reflection essay, I would state examples of my personal experiences and how it has helped me. In addition, I could also state other people’s experiences and how it has helped them out as well. For example, as stated in “Jane – The Story of an Architect”, she designed and built a shed because she wanted her “own space”. Jane needed her own space because she needed privacy and space to work at her best, she couldn’t be at her full potential working in her room with all the distractions around the house. She surrounded herself in an environment that had no distractions and pushed her as an architect and as a result went on to become a very successful architect winning many awards. As a result, Myself and Jane have both surrounded ourselves with environments with no distractions and that has helped us to work faster and wasting a less amount of time while still putting out a phenomenal outcome.