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Who needs to know what and how?

In this week’s agenda, I introduce the topic of Project #3.

Project #3 was going to ask you to create your own source–an article, a blog post, a twitter thread, a TED Talk, etc–to communicate what you learned in Project #2 to the group you think needs to learn that information. Instead, because of time, we’re going to be writing about what we would have created and why. Details to follow soon. Over the long weekend, have these questions deep in the background in your mind:

  1. what did I learn in Project #2 that stands out to me?
  2. who else would benefit from learning that things that stands out to me?
  3. what genre would I use to best reach that group?

After the long weekend, think more about these three questions that you kept in the background in your mind. Find some time to shift it to the front of your thinking and share your answers in our discussion. You can also ask questions, brainstorm, etc, in your contribution to our discussion.


  1. Jayda White

    Something I learned in project 2 that stood out to me was how music can influence your heart rate while researching I’ve learned when listening to music the beat and your breathing can become synchronized. Something else that stood out to me was how much of an impact music has on creativity. Music stimulates the brain in “ways that promote flexible thinking,” which leads to “unconventional or innovative ideas” Someone who would benefit from what I learned is music artists and producers because the music they make has a big an impact on people, it’s good to be aware of that and this will probably influence their music for the better. Also, students should know it can help with dealing with work and potentially make it better. A genre you would use for the best research is music.

  2. Angie

    One of the many things I learned in Project #2 that stood out to me was that regular meditation is proven to reduce stress and blood pressure, improving attention and even helping make better choices. In addition, meditation can help you gain control over your thoughts and environment so you have power over them. I feel like anyone would benefit from what I learned, especially people who are stressed, and have difficulty controlling their thoughts or emotions. The genre I would use to reach out to that group is a TED Talk because it is a perfect way to get my message across about the benefits of using meditation as a way to reflect.

  3. Alvin Kalicharan

    One important thing I learned during project #2 that stood out to me is that quiet and productive spaces can contribute heavily to the work that gets done. To further elaborate, as I read a lot of architecture sources based on spaces of reflection, I noticed a theme that each source mentioned how quiet spaces and spaces that provide no distraction are almost essential because as a architect, time is very limited as you get thrown loads of work everyday. I feel like anyone would benefit from what I’ve learned because everyone at multiple points are thrown loads of work that seems impossible to complete however with a little few tips and the work would be much more easier to complete. The genre I would use to best reach that group would be a reflection essay as I describe my experiences and how it has helped me drastically.

  4. zafar abdukahorov

    One thing that stood out to me during Project #2 was the importance and how you could reflect from public spaces like hospitals. To go further on that architects have to know what would make a good hospital space for the people who walk inside it, in a daily basis. i feel like each source i mention they all had experienced the situation and could reflect from it. i also learned that you have limit time as an architect because you have to work fast enough so they could start constructing the structure or building. the people who would benefit from this are people who are just starting off and people who want to understand the way people think. the genre i would use i a twitter thread because nowadays everyone has a social media account so it can be a really good way to get my point through.

  5. Luka Vardoshvili

    One crucial thing that i learned during project #2 was the importance of well arranged and organized working space. Every little detail around your working space effects on your productivity: lightning, sitting chair, food, computer brightness, arrangement of files and others. I would never imagine that lightning would effect your productivity and i learned that it does. I think my essay would help everyone who has to work near computer (architects). This essay would be very productive for all students, because they would learn many new tips to improve their studying environment, which would improve their productivity. The genre i would use is reflection essay, as i describe how it helped me to improve my studying and working space.

  6. Jose Bocio

    One thing that I learn from project #2 is that design and the creation of spaces it endless. The beauty of this present in how people live and perceive the world. I think that any person can benefit from design because every corner of where you live was designed for someone. That’s something important because in point of your life, even if you not a professional in design, you can create your own and ideal place for you and your family. The genre I would use to reach the people is social media because everyone can watch the information easily and share it with others to understand the importance of design and spaces in general.

  7. Johnathon Abrego

    One thing that I learned from project 2 is the beauty and helpfulness of clearing your mind. As an architect bringing in new ideas and making something so simple way better is the key point. Going on a nice walk through the woods and clearing your head then coming back with bran new ideas that you just start sketching and trying is the key point of becoming a better architect.

  8. Kevin Giron

    One main thing that I learned from Project 2 was how spaces and how the space is set up allows for more effective reflection. This also depends on a person since everyone likes different setups for their personal reflection. I feel like the person that would most benefit from learning what stands out to me would be people having trouble finding what suits them the most for deep reflection. The genre that helped me the most, and would help out that certain group would be the Journal entries full of Different spaces built specifically for Reflection. I saw many of those structures and saw what appealed most to me. This would definitely help people find what suits them the most.

  9. Andre.j.Chen

    One thing that I learned from Project#2 was that you can’t judge something unless you experience it first hand. People can be easily persuaded, giving them some reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to do something, just because that person didn’t like it, doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t like it, who knows you might like it if you try it out. I believe that anyone can benefit from what I learned, experience will always be the ultimate teacher. The genre I would use would be talks something like podcasts because just listening from someone’s POV is a perfect way to get my message to them.

  10. Stacy Amaya

    What I learned in project 2 is the importance in space. Spaces have a great significance because depending on it it allows you to look around and feel a connection to the space. It makes you feel soothed and feel part of the space. Its not uncomfortable it just feels calm. In the research I have done talks about how you can use spaces to reflect and also get your feelings together. The genre I would have for this discussion would be a podcast because I would like to be straight with it and talk about it to young people to explain it in my own words and my voice.

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