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Reflecting on reflecting

In our agenda for this week, I asked in the Action section that you “Try to take some time for personal reflection. If your long weekend is filled with other responsibilities, you might fit in even just a mini-reflection. See if you can incorporate something you learned about through your research.” Then in writing, I asked that you to come back on Monday or Tuesday after the long weekend and write about it: “If you found time for some reflection, what was the experience like now that you’re more informed about reflection? You don’t need to share what you thought about, but contribute to our discussion by sharing a few sentences about whether you used anything you learned about in your research during your time for reflection and how that was or wasn’t helpful.”

Please reply to this post with your few sentences about your experience reflecting now that you’re more knowledgeable about reflection.


  1. Jayda White

    What inspired my topic to write about music is the fact that prior to this project I listened to music to reflect. I reflected while in a car on the way to Manhattan, I put my headphones on and listened to some of my favorite songs, it was like any other time. However, I was more selective on the type of music I played and specifically choose the car ride to reflect, through my research I found that movement is good for reflecting and listening more calm and classical music is good too. It was calm and well needed because I’ve been busy a lot.

  2. Angie

    When I reflect , I use meditations in order to do so. It helps calm my mind of all the overflowing thoughts I have. I usually reflect when I am alone using only one tactic however during my research I discovered there are many ways to meditate. For example, one way is clearing your mind of all thoughts by thinking about nothing. Another way is staying focused on your presence wherever you are. The third way is to focus on one thing like your breath, it’s all about building a muscle about your focus. Since then I been able to experiment about which technique helps me reflect more, and Im happy to say I prefer to meditate by focusing on my presence wherever I am.

  3. Alvin Kalicharan

    I usually reflect when I am alone in my bedroom because I feel like that’s when my mind is the most empty and cleared. I usually listen to music to reflect or even play video games just to clear my mind. However, based on my research on reflection in project 2, I realized how much value space and quietness can have on you. It made me realize that working in spaces that are quiet and help me focus can make me work better as a person and a architect.

  4. zafar abdukahorov

    I can reflect the most while Im in bed which it seems like everybody else does the same watching comedy shows while just laying in bed is the best way for me to reflect. However thinking through why i wanted to do about hospitals for my Project #2 was that we are all going to hard times right now with the pandemic going on the i believe that everyone has experienced and knows how hospitals are the most essential but also the most dangerous places to be in. i realized more because of the pandemic that how important hospitals were to our lives how they can affect our well being. it made me realize that the workers that work in hospital can focus and think while in pressure while someones life is on the line.

  5. Jody R. Rosen

    Music, meditation, quiet, all great approaches to reflection. We can see how music, meditation, and quiet could all be useful in a hospital setting, too–this is a great example of why we would want to share information!

  6. Johnathon Abrego

    To me reflecting and relaxing are the samething. Just take a step back from everyone and reality, lay down with some music and just clear your thoughts. Let all the bad thoughts out and let in more of the good thoughts. So yes I did a lot of reflecting through the long weekend, with snacks and and pillows.

  7. Kevin Giron

    During the weekend, my family and I drove down to Virginia to see family over there. As we walked around each of those days that we were there, Of course we stayed safe, I looked around to see the environment they lived in and all the beautiful large houses in the surrounding. I began to reflect on me potentially moving their in the future. I began to reflect on what I can do to own a house there one day. I began to reflect on all the hard work I have to put in to eventually own a house down In Virginia. Every time I go there, the ambiance is always peaceful which also allows you to just reflect on many things.

  8. Kevin Giron

    In addition to what I wrote, what I learned through research is that comfort is always helpful when reflecting. I definitely used this as I felt comfortable the whole time and was at peace not worrying about work, which allowed me to reflect deeper and more effectively.

  9. Jose Bocio

    My way of reflecting it when I’m alone in the bedroom. I listen to music or I just stay silent thinking. For me, it’s staying calm, exploring, understanding, and having a moment just with yourself.. This way I can think about the things I did wrong and how I can fix or improve them for the next time. All people have their own way of reflecting and spending time with themselves. That something natural that we all have to maintain a healthy mentality.

  10. Stacy Amaya

    Reflecting to me is looking in the sky, sitting in my room looking at the ceiling, and listening to music whenever I have a chance to really zone out and looking at things and especially looking into an large space or like the big sky and the flat ceiling i tend to think about things and look over myself.

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