Trip Description, Final Project Description & Career Goal : Mikhail Reid

The Chinese Photobook at Aperture



On our first trip, we went toĀ The Chinese Photobook at Aperture Foundation. It shows thatĀ Ā china had a fascinating history of photobook publishing and shows theĀ richness and diversity of the heritage. Each section throughout the gallery tells a story what was going on during that era which was interesting. The way the photographer took photos of the leaders in different angles Ā gave it a unique look to make the viewers see that leader was strong and brave. Also in my opinion I like the photographer eye of colors which made the leader stand out from background, it was good use of contrast. Overall the gallery was interesting andĀ educational, not only it taught me what was going on during that era but it shows that photography played a great role to capture these events.


Jimmy Nelsonā€™sĀ 




As we went to the second gallery, it shows that jimmy nelson is interested doing photography aboutĀ indigenous cultures. while I look around the gallery the images were beautiful but one of the images that is above, had my intention. What I like about this photo is the use of lighting and also the contrast of the people and the background. Also in the photo he captured the reflection on the water which was a nice touch to add in the photo.



The other piece I found interesting was this one also. While I Ā was looking at this photo, thought to myself what was jimmy nelson intentions of taking this photograph. To my knowledge he seem to want the viewers to know women are strong, independent and can be leaders. From the color of the women hair down to their clothing goes well together, it gives the photo a good contrast.


Final Project: Initial Statement

For the final project, I plan on doing a fashion shoot. These images will consist my model wearing urban attire. also I want these photos to come out as if you were viewing GQ magazine or any another urban magazines. the goal is to bring good sense of style in the fashion world. There will be use of different lighting to set the mood of the photos but mostly I would be using the combination ofĀ Ā main and fill lights.

Career goals upon graduation

The main goals after graduation is start my career working for an company which consist either doing photography, advertising and web. During the past few years of attending this college, I learned the fundamentals of my major and it will benefit towards my work ethic. HavingĀ a portfolio is a reflection of myself on what I can bring to the table and I want the viewers to Ā be impressed on the skills I have gained throughout my time in college.

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  1. rmichals

    Start to give some shape to your fashion shoot. Are you going to do a range of products by one vendor or more of an editorial approach: a selection of similar products by different vendors. think about a roundup on hoodies for example-best hoodies under $100 or whatever.

    Look at some different fashion photographers. What is the style you would like to use?
    Take a look at this and pick out a few photographers whose work you really like:

    If you can bring in an outside model that would really help.


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