Trip Description, Final Project Description & Career Goal Marielos Osorio

The Chinese Photobook at Aperture

The first gallery we visited explored photographs from China. The style implemented on these pictures was unique. The books displayed in the gallery showed a collision of images. What I mean is that on one page one could fine a variety of images put together in an orderly fashion. On these pages, illustrations could be found. On my opinion, the combination between a collection of images and illustrations create this visually appealing look because the page’s layout looks symmetrical. Moreover, we had pictures form Mao Tse-Tung, who was the leader of China during the Korean War. What I found very interesting about these pictures was that all of them were taken from a low angle, which made the leader look more powerful and confident. Moving on to other pictures, I found more modern, pictures that I found intriguing. These pictures had nude people on them. I believe these pictures are at some level, the reflection of our evolved society. They show how much things have change over the last few years.


Jimmy Nelson’s 

The second gallery offered us a different culture on its photographs. Its focus was on people from Africa. There was one beautiful picture that captivated my eyes. It had three women depicted on it. All of them are giving their backs to the camera. But the main focus on the picture is their red hairs. Also, more colors can be found in the picture like yellow and white. The images in general reflect the beauty of nature and its power, and how insignificant humans are compared to it. The pictures also included Native people with their customs. On these pictures, both, man and nature are convened to create a valance photograph.


The Public Eye at the NYPL

Our last visit included a Library full of amazing photographs. A big majority of pictures were black and white. The first image that captivated my attention was a picture from the Grand Canyon. This picture was taken at the bottom of the canyon, next to the river. From there, the magnificent canyon reviles its beauty and power. The picture also reviles the hand of man by showing a railroad next to the river. Again we see the combination of man and nature, as we have in previous galleries. Additionally, I found another collection of picture, this time; they had Native American on them. I was surprise to uncover that these picture were controversial. It appears that some people felt insulted by them. Some critics said the photographer had insulted the Native American culture. I personally found them very appealing especially because they capture the nature essence of the Native American people. For example, one picture had a Native America woman making diner, which it shows a piece of what their culture is about. Another example was a man on a horse. This shows another adaptation that Native people had to acquired in order to survive­. I personally could not find anything insulting on these picture, but it’s clear they are one person’s opinion.

Final Project Goal

For my final project, my goal is to capture human’s deepest and most hidden emotions. By human emotions I mean mystery, shadiness, secrets and loneliness. I will use lighting to reflect what I need. Furthermore, my human subject will reflect these emotions in front of the camera. My setup will be fairly dark and mysterious. I plan to use dark colors to help me bring those emotions to life.

 My plan when I graduate

After graduation, I plan to work for an Advertising Company. I do not a favorite one yet. I plan to use the skills that I have learned on this class to have a better understanding of how photography works and what to expect from a professional photographers. Moreover, I want to produce my own material, in this case, picture to implement them on my future campaigns.


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  1. rmichals

    Photographic style is a powerful thing. A low angle makes Mao look big. Nelson photographing the native women from behind makes them less vulnerable to our prying eyes.

    It sounds like you want to do portraits. Getting the strong emotions from your subjects that you want might be a challenge.

    Maybe you want to think about how to give the idea a little more substance. You could take on an issue you feel strongly about.


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