RR5 Yoshiko Nakamura

In the Poem “she being Brand” by e.e. cummings, I feel that the driver is having excitement and pleasure to drive the car using the metaphorical expressions as having sex with a woman for the first time. Usage of unique paragraph and line organization creates rhythmical fun feelings.  While, “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine, I feel that the driver has depressing and sad impression towered the sudden grown up industry of car manufacture in his home town using the colors, animals, and chemical materials as metaphor for negative effects of having development of factories in your old town regarding pollutions and unjust condition for labors.

One thought on “RR5 Yoshiko Nakamura

  1. rmichals

    Chemical materials might be an example of what has been done to Detroit. A metaphor would be “the city pouring fire.” the city doesn’t actually pour fire but the plants emit pollution.


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