Josh Rojas Poetry RR5

Both poets took very different approaches to describe their driving experiences, in “she being Brand Brand” e.e. Cummings spoke about the joys of driving and having that first time experience with a car , Phillip Levine spoke on the effects that were taking place due to Detroit being a car produces city. Both poems take place in an area that is important to the poet. e.e. Cummings poem is much more descriptive than Phillip Levine’s when it comes to what it takes to get the car running and what parts are moving. “Coming Home , Detroit” driving experience is more aligned with the scenic view , the places and people he sees. I think the two points being expressed are “freedom’ and “destruction” .

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  1. rmichals

    Good point that the e.e. cummings poem is descriptive of the car itself while the Levine poem is about the cityscape through which we are driving. I think freedom and destruction summarizes it well.


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