Khyriel Palmer_Differentiation

She is arguing about the fact that when ever you see a Chanel perfume ad (or any perfume ad for that matter) is always displaying a feminine figure. Like those who would be in a dress or classy famous person. Simply letting the fan base of the model help sale the product. Her argument is that not every ad has to be feminine, just cause its geared towards women doesn’t mean that it has to be classy.  For example, “its position in a system of signs where it signifies flawless French beauty, which makes it useful as a piece of linguistic currency o sell Chanel.” The other ad has another famous person in a karate uniform showcasing a similar product. They used this technique to appeal to the more typical  feminine style connected with modeling.

I agree with her argument because i believe that you cant just use one based standard way or selling/ advertising a product. Granted those ways may work most of the time, but to fully grasp the attention of every consumer, you sometimes need to think outside of the box.

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  1. rmichals

    Williamson is not arguing that different ads appeal to different audiences but that ads take their meaning from other ads. the Babe ad is breaking the conventions of ads like the Chanel No.5 ad. It depends on the audience knowing the other ads. Perfume ads form a reference system with which to understand other perfume ads.


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