Reading Response 2: Differentiation Wilbert Perez

This form of advertising utilizes a meaning or appearance that their subject is known for in it’s significant industry, and applies the motive that the corresponding product will be just as “good”. In direct relation, the subject is the exemplifying aspect of the product and will represent this product to the world and the market’s audience. It is not creating a new meaning for it’s product, but using a meaning that is very known and dear to us(audience) and one that we can relate to.

One thought on “Reading Response 2: Differentiation Wilbert Perez

  1. rmichals

    Wilbert, try to write clearly and simply. Also, be more generous. I know there is more to say about what Williamson wrote about advertising in this article.

    You do seem to have the main point when you write “it is not creating a new meaning…” Williamson is writing about how advertising takes its meaning from other advertising. it relies on the fact that the audience is familiar with the ads for similar products.


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