HW#1: AD Campaign Analysis Robert Tadio

The Ad campaign that I looked up on the website it’s from Robert Tadio. This campaign is shot for BOSE headphones. The whole campaign gives the reader a bright positive feeling, and it is emphasizing the detail of the product. Therefore, it gives out the message of buying this product with a really good quality. Two of the ads have a close up shot for their consumers, and they also shot the white and black color at the same time, so it creates a good sense of contrast in both black and white color.

The product is shoot in eye level, and it also uses many photographic styles. They have a frontlit and sidelit to create shadows in the back, so it creates a depth of filed. For the shadow, they also have a diffused light to soft the edge of the shadow. In the second ad, it is a close up shot of the headphone. They have a reaveling light directly hit on the headphone, so it would be emphsizing the details of the headphone. The black grandground is black, the heaphone is white, it creates a color comparison, and it makes the consumers feel more about the quality of the headphone.

At the end, in my opinion, I think this campaign is a window. It lets people to see, to notice more about the products, and it drags out the consumers attention. It makes people to know more about the world, the technology that we have today, and how their product improves time by time.

One thought on “HW#1: AD Campaign Analysis Robert Tadio

  1. rmichals

    As you say the style of these photos is very clean. The first photo however suggests that the two headphones are nestling together. This in one way makes no sense. Who needs two pairs of headphones? But the way they are intertwined I think also suggests an initimacy that you will get from the headphones. I don’t think this image is a windowin the sense that Szarkowski means. It creates too much narrative and association for that.


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