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Class 24 | Color Interaction Free-Study (final part )

amera and mei final
Paired Color Interactions


Hi Class, this is my final composition work with Mei Dan Zhu, it was really fun to work with her and she is very easy going ………..  the Red section Repesents Mei love for music and life that i did for mei and the pink side is what mei did for me that represents me and my love for fashion and my dream to travel.

both our composition are made digitally using photoshop and illustrator.


Color Interaction Project (Digital)

The whole projected in one view consisting of changes of Value, Hue and Saturation (Value&Hue)

 Image of hue change.(below)

Amera colorinteractions_value


Pair 1:Both chips colored violet placed on different background chips (blue  and Violet-blue), changing to a mustard on the pale pink and giving off a more slight  yellow  hue on the light blue.

Pair 2: Both chips colored yellow placed on different background chips (pale pink  and light red), changing to a mustard on the pale pink and giving off a more slight  yellow  hue on the light blue.


 Image of value change. (below) 


Both chips coloured dark blueplaced on different background chips (blue and dark orange), creating a difference as the chip below shows a more lighter, intensed value than that above.

Class 21 | Balance, Symmetry Field Trip (free study)

For me this was a very challenging project but at the same time a very fun Project .

I tried to incorporate my interest of fashion and fashion illustration into the theme of Ben  metaphor, balance, and the range of saturation (prismatic, muted and chromatic gray).

I used the same color and but in different ways.

My Design Process includes two pieces of art that i later on Merged together

First i started doodling while we were in the train station the birds in the ben art.  so i knew i wanted to incorporate into my piece somehow

pelemary sketch 2 Pelimary sketch 1 Pelimary sketch 3


and here is my last version of my digital paint of this inspired bird Paint with Watercolor final (14x17)


After that i was inspired by the subway so i started sketching that inPelimary sketch 1 b

I knew i wanted to incorporate Ben idea of departures and arrivals so i sketched people to add to my scene subway art sketch


After playing Around in Photoshop for few hours  here is my final work Subway Art

My idea was the arrival and departure of people from different decades in the subway a futuristic subway and i incorporated my bird in the subway wall art . The Colors i chose to add to my   are elements of the color theories we been studying in class.

I hope you guys like it .

Thank you for reading

Class 18 | Muted Color Studies

Narrow Range Photo
Muted Color Studies – Exercise #2:
Muted Color Studies – Exercise #1
Muted Color Studies – Exercise #1

This is my muted colors composition. For this assignment I made many different shapes so I can paint in different shades of the same color. I chose Geometric shapes and colors that i think will stand out compared to the other one. The image to the right is my narrow range value composition. For this image I chose colors that are more relevant to each other, unlike the other image which looks like it has more contrast. This assignment was really fun, the colors were a challenge to make but I really like the outcome.

Class 12 | Value + Emphasis + Scale


Hi class here are my first drafts and my final draft of my value scale collage I will be working on for the next following blogs

The assignment was Using printouts of the portraits taken in class, transfer the grid provided to the printouts. Measure, mark in pencil, and cut out each square carefully.
Use variety of scale to develop contrast, hierarchy and emphasis. Some of the squares in our grid should be small, some large, some medium.
Rearranging and experiment with your portrait pieces until we developed 2 unified 6″x6″ compositions as follows: 🙂

20131027-121256.jpgoriginal Portrait

20131027-120505.jpgBroad range value portrait 


second and final draft of value scale 20131027-121348.jpg


Graphic Design principles 1/ VALUE RANGE RESEARCH

For the first part of assignment #3 I had to go and take 2 photographs that represent high key and low key. During class I was only able to take high key and a low key photographs. These are the 2 photographs I took that represent high key and low key.

Low key Image
Low key Image

(UP) The low key photograph consist of mainly a dark value while having a light value color that represents the subject inside the dark environment.

(DOWN ) The high key photograph consist of mainly light value of white while including a small value of dark colors to define contrast.

High  key Image
High key Image
high key Image
high key Image

Graphic Design principles 1/ Rhythmic Elevations

Project explanation CLICK HERE FOR PDF IMG_5377 Work in Progress IMG_5383 IMG_5384 Orginal idea Project explanationMap View IMG_5403 IMG_5404


Line and Sound
Expression of Form, Emotions, or Concepts
Mapping Personality
Using the geometry produced by the sound pulse of a recording of my name in accordance with my initial sketches, I was able to produce a waveform line that acted as the inspiration for the topography of the mountain.
The waveform line was then “bent” to form the peak of the mountain.
The text used in the project are words that describe who I am as well as my personal interests. They come together to form an overall texture and gradually decrease in width toward the peak of the mountain to create a sense of hierarchy and three dimensional interest. At the mountain peak, the word fashion is the center focal point of the entire work. Fashion is the foundation of my ideas and thoughts and will always be present as a inspiration for my work.
I have chosen to add a river to my topography symbolizing the flow and the connectivity between my personality traits. A stitching of thread held in place by sewing pins illustrates the bind that fashion has on all of the layers of the topography. The river was placed between the dip in sound created between my first and last name.
Materials Used:
-Foam Core -Construction paper -Trace paper -Acetate -Pins -Thread