Graphic Design principles 1/ Rhythmic Elevations

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Line and Sound
Expression of Form, Emotions, or Concepts
Mapping Personality
Using the geometry produced by the sound pulse of a recording of my name in accordance with my initial sketches, I was able to produce a waveform line that acted as the inspiration for the topography of the mountain.
The waveform line was then “bent” to form the peak of the mountain.
The text used in the project are words that describe who I am as well as my personal interests. They come together to form an overall texture and gradually decrease in width toward the peak of the mountain to create a sense of hierarchy and three dimensional interest. At the mountain peak, the word fashion is the center focal point of the entire work. Fashion is the foundation of my ideas and thoughts and will always be present as a inspiration for my work.
I have chosen to add a river to my topography symbolizing the flow and the connectivity between my personality traits. A stitching of thread held in place by sewing pins illustrates the bind that fashion has on all of the layers of the topography. The river was placed between the dip in sound created between my first and last name.
Materials Used:
-Foam Core -Construction paper -Trace paper -Acetate -Pins -Thread

5 thoughts on “Graphic Design principles 1/ Rhythmic Elevations

  1. Nice work, Amera! Your Freestudy map shows great originality of concept. The figure/ground relationship is considered, but could be improved by clarifying/reinforcing asymmetrical balance, as we discussed in critique. I didn’t realize you originally had included pins along the “river”. Really nice addition and makes a huge difference. I hope you will add them back in. 🙂

    1. Thank you professor , I had originally had pins to outline the river , but at the last minute decided to remove them as I though it was in safe to have it with pin in class and to submit it ..the pins can be easily added back in anytime

  2. You’re project was one of my favorite. It caught my eye, with the way you used patterns in a way that people wouldn’t think of using. You formed the map very well. It was all balanced out and simple for a viewer to understand that this is a map about yourself.

  3. I really liked your map because it felt unique and it represented you. The use of the sound-waves of your name and integrating it to the map was really cool. The river was also a cool idea. You clearly showed how Fashion was a main part of your life. Overall i think you accomplished the part of making more about yourself.

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