ENG 2700: Reflective Blog #1

I come from a multicultural home but the dominant style of communication can be seen as a direct descendent from my Palestinian and Arab Roots which both are deeply influenced by Islam and the practices of islam. and Unlike how the media portraits us we are friendly, open, warm and very welcoming people and this is very promenade in our ways of communication with others.

Traits that are considered to be good communication in my culture are to always be efficient and businesslike and always respect others even if you disagree with them. Another Trait that is Considered to be a great trait is to get to the point, my parents were never interested in the small details, and always interested in the big picture. Till this day my dad is a big fan of the big picture and is not mush into the small details. Another effective way of communication in the Middle East is to give us conclusions and only provide details if asked and talking in terms of results not methods. However the biggest trait of communication in my culture must be to listen to others when they talk and analyzing what they say so you can give an well thought answer, especially if someone is telling you a problem they need help with. It is surprising how many people believe communication is a one way street and is merely an opportunity to impose their views on an unsuspecting world.

Traits that are undesirable in communications in my culture is to be directing, coercive and even manipulative. However the biggest undesirable trait must be lack of honesty and not sharing how you really feel can lead to a lack of trust in the relationship. Us as arabs appreciate honesty in all situation and a trait of a good Muslim that he or she is always honest.

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