Final Project: Illustrated Harmonious Moment

Finish Illustrated Harmonious Moment Freestudy
Finish Illustrated Harmonious Moment Freestudy

Program: Illustrator 

My Layout:

  • LESS is MORE. In order to illustrate a moment in time, I only represented the most important elements to communicate the message.
  • My thoughtful, well-considered figure-ground relationship. When capturing a moment, the figure-ground relationship must be strong and stable.
  • Clearly orientate the viewer.

My Color

  • Color: My composition  uses the exact proportion of hues in your color inventory from my color reference. Creating a simple proportional inventory that clearly demonstrates visual hierarchy through color.
  • Dominant color, Sub-Dominant color, and the Accent color.


I hope you like it, I truly enjoyed Graphic Design Principles 1, i will miss truly … i cant wait to see what Graphic Design Principles 2 will have in-store for me.  Prof. Spevack  is a great teacher , and helped me grow and understand graphic design and showed me why i loved it and why i choose this Degree.


Thank you & Happy Holidays


Amera-Rime Lulu

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