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Simultaneous Contrast Research


Our eyes give us a very subjective view of the world. This subjectivity leaves us susceptible to a variety of optical illusions. The fact that we are not very good at estimating the absolute brightness of a region, but have a strong ability to detect differences between neighboring regions causes simultaneous brightness contrast illusions. This type of illusion makes the perceived brightness of any region in a complex image vary depending on the brightness of the region’s immediate surroundings.

The illustration below shows how our perception of a colors in different Mediums 11-03-04-spiral article27-squares1 Simultaneous_Contrast_by_JustMarDesign SimultaneousContrastIllusionDetail

Class 19 | Prismatic Color Studies

Prismatic Color Studies – Exercise #1:
Prismatic Color Studies – Exercise #1:
Prismatic Color Studies – Exercise #2:
Prismatic Color Studies – Exercise #2:



This is my prismatic color composition. For this assignment I could only use primary colors and secondary colors. My personal challenge while completing this assignment was finding ways to accentuate the color scheme but yet not mix colors to create new shades and also having to repaint the same areas twice to bring out the colors.

Color Triads (FreeStudy)


Hi class..

To me I really enjoyed making this assignment
So what we had to do was Create a Freestudy composition using primary (Red, Yellow, Blue) and secondary (Orange, Green, Violet) triads on a piece of 9″x12″ bristol with gouache.
With our color wheel as a guide, practice mixing and applying colors on a piece of scrap paper, first. Making sure we have achieved the proper hue before applying the paint to paper.

I chose my design of a flower as my color triad free study .