Color Triads (FreeStudy)


Hi class..

To me I really enjoyed making this assignment
So what we had to do was Create a Freestudy composition using primary (Red, Yellow, Blue) and secondary (Orange, Green, Violet) triads on a piece of 9″x12″ bristol with gouache.
With our color wheel as a guide, practice mixing and applying colors on a piece of scrap paper, first. Making sure we have achieved the proper hue before applying the paint to paper.

I chose my design of a flower as my color triad free study .


2 thoughts on “Color Triads (FreeStudy)

  1. One more cute artwork created by Amera. Great idea of using hearts for your color triad. I would like to add that the red and orange look close to each other. I maybe wrong or it’s just the camera playing tricks on my eyes. Good job. Looking forward to see the rest of your assignment #4

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