Graphic Design principles 1/ Pattern Mashups

photoHello ..

This is my New Pattern Mash up from the Assignemt Staccato / Legato Pattern thumbnails.

I really enjoyed this project , it was tons of fun. I took my Staccato / Legato Pattern thumbnails and mixed them till I got to this Inked result on my Bristol pad.

till next time .. xo Amera

4 thoughts on “Graphic Design principles 1/ Pattern Mashups

  1. Nice work Amera! Mash up shows good representations of staccato and legato and overall the composition feels balanced through placement and repetition of the “sounds”. Something to work on is including a variety of scale to change the “volume” or intensity or importance of each element.

  2. Like we mentioned in class, this gave me a textile feel and all the patterns flows throughout your page. Great work 😉 you should let me listen to your music

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