Class 21 | Balance, Symmetry Field Trip (free study)

For me this was a very challenging project but at the same time a very fun Project .

I tried to incorporate my interest of fashion and fashion illustration into the theme of Ben  metaphor, balance, and the range of saturation (prismatic, muted and chromatic gray).

I used the same color and but in different ways.

My Design Process includes two pieces of art that i later on Merged together

First i started doodling while we were in the train station the birds in the ben art.  so i knew i wanted to incorporate into my piece somehow

pelemary sketch 2 Pelimary sketch 1 Pelimary sketch 3


and here is my last version of my digital paint of this inspired bird Paint with Watercolor final (14x17)


After that i was inspired by the subway so i started sketching that inPelimary sketch 1 b

I knew i wanted to incorporate Ben idea of departures and arrivals so i sketched people to add to my scene subway art sketch


After playing Around in Photoshop for few hours  here is my final work Subway Art

My idea was the arrival and departure of people from different decades in the subway a futuristic subway and i incorporated my bird in the subway wall art . The Colors i chose to add to my   are elements of the color theories we been studying in class.

I hope you guys like it .

Thank you for reading

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