Dawoud Bey HW1

Dawoud Bey is a very interesting photographer in my opinion. The reason being is that, in photography or in video we are told that the person of interest shouldn’t look directly to the camera nor should be faced directly. Mr. Bey has a certain photography style, he has his target look directly to the camera, a bold move. His person of interest in the photos I’ve seen was children, teens. I believe he did this to grasp their image, their individuality, An example of this can be seen in the link provided, Lauren ..  a young and sweet girl is what I grasp of this image, shes timid and she has the whole world in front of her. Another fine example is Charles, he’s a stunning young man with eyes that speak for them self, from this face photographed, I get a sense of boldness and a sense that this young man isn’t afraid to speak his mind. These were my first thoughts as I skimmed through their photographs, then after I made evaluations I read through the small descriptions provided and leaned that the photo matched the description perfectly. Mr. Bey has a way with the camera in that one can find another persons individual characteristics through his photos.

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  1. rmichals

    So this is where photography and video may be different. I would say that it is much more standard to have the subject look at the camera for a portrait than to look away.

    Also, when you discuss a photograph, try to make an observation about something you see in the photo. One thing that strikes me about the photo of Lauren is how Bey has isolated her face by making it brighter than the background. The windows are behind her and they would normally be the brightest thing in the photo.


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