Fifth Journal

Business cards is the topic for this weeks journal. If there is one thing that has taught me that any design material is a process, is designing a business card for Quesbook. I enjoyed every step of designing the business cards and it was a great way for me to continue to learn our business design guide.

The process of designing a business card was very interesting. I was tasked to design a business card that was appropriate for both B2B and B2C. Which had a interesting challenge within itself. Our B2C was a different direction than our B2B. For one example we were using iphone emojis for B2C to market to students. Which is a totally different direction from B2B which was to let schools know we are reliable.

I knew the card would be majority used for B2B and I used many different methods to accomplish this goal. I ended up using our signature swerve of yellow as the side of the background and our signature underline highlight for the titles.

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