Eleventh Journal

Culture. I’ve mentioned in my last blog post how my director mentors me. This is a huge part of the Quesbook culture. I’ve noticed as new hires are joining the company, all the directors are stepping up and taking a personal interest in their new employees. There are many things about Quesbook culture that I enjoy.

Transparency. This is a huge part of Quesbook. All department files and researches are open for any other department to open and read. This allows for easy access of research. I’m a huge believe that even though each department is different, everyone can benefit from each other. There are always new things to learn.

Improvement. They want everyone to put their future opportunities of growing first. Even if it means leaving the company to grow your opportunities, Quesbook will help you out. The company takes a lot of personal interest in their employees and thats really great.

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