Second Journal

It’s been a week since I started working for Quesbook. This week has been great and very productive. I’m the Junior UI Designer for Quesbook. My job is to design the interface for their SAT/ACT prepping website. I also do other interface designs such as designing their triggered emails when a new user registers and other actions within the website. I’m also designing their new branding language and contributing to a interface library for future uses.

My supervisor is Silvia, she’s the Art Director for Quesbook. I came across this position while looking for a job. I knew I wanted to jump into a UI Design job and seeing Quesbook have a listing for a Junior position and expect 0-3 years experience was a great opportunity for me to jump into the field. When reading the description it was clear that I had the skill sets they were looking for.

The process was both short and long. It took me 2 weeks to get hired but the interviews were long. I had one phone interview which lasted 10-20min. Here I was assigned a UI design assignment to test my skills. The topic was interesting. I had to design a UI for a movie ticketing website. Making it easy and efficient for users to buy movie tickets. It also had to have a beautiful UI design. The in-person interview was long. I had a interview with the Art Director, Recruitment Director and CEO. I also had to present my project in front of their Art/Marketing and Business Director. The interviews with each person lasted a while and it took a total of 3 hours. I got the job offer the Friday before Labor day. That was 4 days after my interview.

During the interview I was asked many different questions. Since I presented my UI design it seemed like they were less curious if I had the skills and more interested in my personality. I was asked questions about my passions and why they should choose me. The questions were related to communications and my interest in the design field. They were curious to figure me out as a person.

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