Third Journal

After a week for working for the company, I think I have a fair understanding of the culture. Everyone Director respects each others works and always communicates among the goals of the company. This was a great source of communication. The company is very casual among clothes. The departments that dress a bit more formal will be the business side.

My office is open work area and everyone is in close quarters to speak and grab each other for any questions if there may be one. The office is beautiful and offers many different services. They use a WeWork office for their space. WeWork is a incredible company when it comes to office space. Its beautiful and makes the vibe good.  Everything from the kitchen to the bathroom are just beautiful interior designs. There is even a small common store in the office! Our typical hours is a choice among us. We either get to choose 9-6 or 7-10. We get one hour of unpaid lunch.

Everyone is kind to each other and the office is pretty laid back. We all respect each other and have one goal in mind, to improve the company. Everyones super excited for launch and attempting to make SAT/ACT experience better for students.

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