Final Evaluation

Since this is a job and not a internship I will continue working for Quesbook after this class. I’m extremely proud that this is my job and I’m able to do what I love while doing it for an educational reason and help kids do such an important test in their lives. I’ve learned a lot throughout these 3 months with Quesbook. There have been many life, design and experience lessons that have been taught so far.

For my final evaluation, I would say that I’ve been doing an excellent job at Quesbook. I’ve done work in both UI Design and out of the field but that should be expected in a startup. There are too few people to figure out only their positions. I actually don’t mind having to go outside of UI Design. This experience helps me with being a better Product and Visual Designer which I’m both interested in a great amount. My co-workers are amazing and I’ve had excellent experiences with them. Overall I can see myself with the company long-term and hope for future success in the field.


There have been many projects where I have to work with others. Actually, I would say about 90% of my projects require some kind of communication with one of my coworkers. When designing a product there are three groups I have to work with, My Design Director, Product Manager and Developers. We have to constantly communicate to be able to accomplish a goal. Product work has a process that has to be done and when the process is done, I have to QA our products. When the work is not a product I still have to collaborate with the stakeholder of the certain marketing work. There is always someone to work with!

I have learned a lot about collaborating. I love being able to work with more people because more thoughts are brought to the table. Giving you more choices and ideas to create something. Just because some of the people I work have no creative backgrounds, does not mean they don’t have good ideas. When you have a collection of ideas it’s easier to come up with a great solution for a problem.

Eleventh Journal

Culture. I’ve mentioned in my last blog post how my director mentors me. This is a huge part of the Quesbook culture. I’ve noticed as new hires are joining the company, all the directors are stepping up and taking a personal interest in their new employees. There are many things about Quesbook culture that I enjoy.

Transparency. This is a huge part of Quesbook. All department files and researches are open for any other department to open and read. This allows for easy access of research. I’m a huge believe that even though each department is different, everyone can benefit from each other. There are always new things to learn.

Improvement. They want everyone to put their future opportunities of growing first. Even if it means leaving the company to grow your opportunities, Quesbook will help you out. The company takes a lot of personal interest in their employees and thats really great.

Tenth Journal

My career at Quesbook has been going amazing till this date and I look at Quesbook as a long term career. My Design Director has been an amazing mentor for me. She is very knowledgable and gives great tips and advice. I feel as if I’m in a unique position where my director has a personal interest in my future.

She has taught me many different things and showed me different opportunities within the creative field. My director wants me to explore different fields within the creative field to determine what exactly I would like to do in the future. Quesbook has this culture that they like to grow their new employees to bigger opportunities, and I definitely feel this with my director. I’ve learned to do many different things, such as Product Design, UX Design and even Quality Assurance.

Nineth Journal


The day in the life of…

The day in the life of a UI Designer at Quesbook. Work as a UI designer for Quesbook has been wonderful in this far in. I’ve been working here for almost 2 months and I’ve completed many different projects. I would consider myself doing many different visual jobs. I’ve done a lot of Product and Marketing design work and I love it.

My day starts with emails and Jira tickets. Jira is our agile development software. We use it to track all assignments and task that have to be done. This allows for an easy flow of communication between designers, developers, and product managers. Then I have meetings with my design director on what has to be worked on for the week. There are many discussions and how we will fit in some research in our workflow. User interviews are part of our daily routine, depending on the day.

Eighth Journal

What I learned about 401K

One of the many things I wanted to learn about was the 401K my company has to offer. I lacked knowledge of 401k before my job and wanted to know what exactly 401k does for me. There were many results. I had a lot to think about and mostly how much I wanted to put into this retirement fund. Picking an amount can be difficult due to the fact that it’s difficult to think about the future when I’m 65 years old.

I learned a lot and my company offered a decent 401k plan. I attended a webinar provided by my company. We were allowed to ask questions to the instructor and everything. The experience was great and I learned a lot. They even personally went through with me what exactly I’ll have in my account if I put a certain amount in the account. This was a great learning experience and taught me a lot of my 401k. There were many things like I had to be employed for 3 months to be in the companies 401k plan. I learned in other companies they usually ask for a year of employment, so this was a great deal on my end.

Seventh Journal

Learning About Benefits

The following weeks is my last weeks to choose which benefits I would like to receive from the company. There were many different health insurances to choose from. There were many different options for all types of insurances and the choices were a bit overwhelming. This was due to the fact that this was the first time I ever had to experience choosing health insurance for myself. The experience was new and there was a lot to learn.

What I learned about the process, was that you have to take your time. There was many days of research and being careful of what I choose since I learned you will be trapped in the contract with the insurance till your next contract renewal. I knew that I wanted insurance for sure to be safe and secure my health. Not only did I have to research health, but I also had to research dental, vision, life and even commuter benefits! I ended up going with insurance with no deductibles, because that’s what made the most sense for my current health status. I also chose a life insurance and claimed it to my mother.

Sixth Journal – Design Event

When looking for design events to attend, I found one that had 3 talks and a networking event. The event was Design Driven NYC #32 (A FirstMark Event). It’s a monthly design meetup where the host finds speakers to speak on many different topics within the design world. This can vary from product design, to graphics design, to the actual process of how a design team should work. It’s many different topics and allows the viewer to learn many different perspectives within the field. The three speakers in the event were Tania Philip, VP of Product at Shutterstock,  Orr Shtuhl & Ryan Hines, Product Designers at The Wirecutter and Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. These were three great speeches and here is what I learned.

Tania Philips was a great talker. She discussed the process that a company should take to make a successful product. This included many things such as transparency and being able to discuss issues with your team. She also mentioned interesting things like how the team should be aligned and work at a pace. She also discussed her experience at Shutterstock and what she believed to be the best process to a great product.

Orr Shtuhl & Ryan Hines, were great speakers as well. They discussed their task to rebrand wirecutter. This led them to discuss the many challenges of rebranding a company. Their specific issues were that the company had to two websites that were merging, this set many challenges for them since they wanted to keep the personalities of both old websites. They also discussed how wirecutter was purchased by The New York Times and they had to work with their product team closely. Many challenges for a team who was trying to create something different and owned by a company with generations of reputation. They didn’t want the company to feel to away from the Times but they also wanted the rebranding to feel fresh. They decided on an approach and went full out with the deliverables, they are currently still working on many features like any product team should be. I loved this since my ultimate goal is to become a product designer.

Nir Eyal was the best speaker in terms of public speaking skills. It definitely came off as if he does this for a living, which was great and allowed him to execute his ideas better than other speakers. His main focus was to make a product successful. He believed in this process called hooked. He believed that you have to discovered the psychology of what people really need, and if you’re not solving a problem then your product will never be successful. Which makes complete sense, if it’s not an issue that people want solved then your product won’t be successful. I feel like innovation too is a good way to have a successful company but I also agree it should solve a problem.

I learned a lot throughout the event, and I’m glad it was many materials that I can bring back and incorporate them into my job.

Fifth Journal

Business cards is the topic for this weeks journal. If there is one thing that has taught me that any design material is a process, is designing a business card for Quesbook. I enjoyed every step of designing the business cards and it was a great way for me to continue to learn our business design guide.

The process of designing a business card was very interesting. I was tasked to design a business card that was appropriate for both B2B and B2C. Which had a interesting challenge within itself. Our B2C was a different direction than our B2B. For one example we were using iphone emojis for B2C to market to students. Which is a totally different direction from B2B which was to let schools know we are reliable.

I knew the card would be majority used for B2B and I used many different methods to accomplish this goal. I ended up using our signature swerve of yellow as the side of the background and our signature underline highlight for the titles.