Seventh Journal

Learning About Benefits

The following weeks is my last weeks to choose which benefits I would like to receive from the company. There were many different health insurances to choose from. There were many different options for all types of insurances and the choices were a bit overwhelming. This was due to the fact that this was the first time I ever had to experience choosing health insurance for myself. The experience was new and there was a lot to learn.

What I learned about the process, was that you have to take your time. There was many days of research and being careful of what I choose since I learned you will be trapped in the contract with the insurance till your next contract renewal. I knew that I wanted insurance for sure to be safe and secure my health. Not only did I have to research health, but I also had to research dental, vision, life and even commuter benefits! I ended up going with insurance with no deductibles, because that’s what made the most sense for my current health status. I also chose a life insurance and claimed it to my mother.

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