Final Evaluation

Since this is a job and not a internship I will continue working for Quesbook after this class. I’m extremely proud that this is my job and I’m able to do what I love while doing it for an educational reason and help kids do such an important test in their lives. I’ve learned a lot throughout these 3 months with Quesbook. There have been many life, design and experience lessons that have been taught so far.

For my final evaluation, I would say that I’ve been doing an excellent job at Quesbook. I’ve done work in both UI Design and out of the field but that should be expected in a startup. There are too few people to figure out only their positions. I actually don’t mind having to go outside of UI Design. This experience helps me with being a better Product and Visual Designer which I’m both interested in a great amount. My co-workers are amazing and I’ve had excellent experiences with them. Overall I can see myself with the company long-term and hope for future success in the field.

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