Eighth Journal

What I learned about 401K

One of the many things I wanted to learn about was the 401K my company has to offer. I lacked knowledge of 401k before my job and wanted to know what exactly 401k does for me. There were many results. I had a lot to think about and mostly how much I wanted to put into this retirement fund. Picking an amount can be difficult due to the fact that it’s difficult to think about the future when I’m 65 years old.

I learned a lot and my company offered a decent 401k plan. I attended a webinar provided by my company. We were allowed to ask questions to the instructor and everything. The experience was great and I learned a lot. They even personally went through with me what exactly I’ll have in my account if I put a certain amount in the account. This was a great learning experience and taught me a lot of my 401k. There were many things like I had to be employed for 3 months to be in the companies 401k plan. I learned in other companies they usually ask for a year of employment, so this was a great deal on my end.

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