There have been many projects where I have to work with others. Actually, I would say about 90% of my projects require some kind of communication with one of my coworkers. When designing a product there are three groups I have to work with, My Design Director, Product Manager and Developers. We have to constantly communicate to be able to accomplish a goal. Product work has a process that has to be done and when the process is done, I have to QA our products. When the work is not a product I still have to collaborate with the stakeholder of the certain marketing work. There is always someone to work with!

I have learned a lot about collaborating. I love being able to work with more people because more thoughts are brought to the table. Giving you more choices and ideas to create something. Just because some of the people I work have no creative backgrounds, does not mean they don’t have good ideas. When you have a collection of ideas it’s easier to come up with a great solution for a problem.

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