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Exam #3 Announcement

Our third exam will take place during class next Tuesday, 11/23/21.

Exam Date: Tuesday 11/23/21
Exam Time: During class, 4:05-5:45pm
Where will I take the exam? You will log into our usual zoom class meeting to take the exam.
Review: The review sheet is posted here (answer key can be found following the problems on the review sheet).

Exam #3 will be similar in format and policies to Exams #1 and #2. Policies and procedures appear below.

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Hi everyone,

If there are any homework assignments (WeBWorK or written homework from the book) that you did not start, did not complete, or did not get full credit on, you have an opportunity to revisit them now and improve your score. You may update and resubmit up to three closed homework assignments — you will have until Thursday, December 9th, to work on them. Written assignments should be submitted using the usual Upload link, WeBWorK assignments should be completed in the WeBWorK system.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please fill out the form below. Good luck!

Prof. Reitz

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Reminder – bring a conjecture to class tomorrow (Thurs 10/21/21)

Hi everyone,

This is just a reminder that the Lockhart’s Lament assignment is due tomorrow, and the fourth and final part of that assignment is “Write down a conjecture or question about the bridges and walking tours game, and bring it with you to class on Thursday 10/21/21 (do NOT post it here).”

Take a look at the instructions in the assignment itself for some hints on creating a conjecture (examples are given in the context of tic-tac-toe – for your assignment, you need to create something similar but for the Bridges & Walking Tours game).

Having a hard time with this? This assignment may be pushing you out of your comfort zone – that’s good! DON’T stress about it too much – there is no “right” answer. Still not sure what a “real conjecture” looks like? DON’T worry about it – focus on something from the game that catches your interest. DO overcome your fear and write down something, even if it doesn’t seem like a real conjecture.

Prof. Reitz

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