Hi everyone,

This is just a reminder that the Lockhart’s Lament assignment is due tomorrow, and the fourth and final part of that assignment is “Write down a conjecture or question about the bridges and walking tours game, and bring it with you to class onΒ Thursday 10/21/21Β (do NOT post it here).”

Take a look at the instructions in the assignment itself for some hints on creating a conjecture (examples are given in the context of tic-tac-toe – for your assignment, you need to create something similar but for the Bridges & Walking Tours game).

Having a hard time with this? This assignment may be pushing you out of your comfort zone – that’s good! DON’T stress about it too much – there is no “right” answer. Still not sure what a “real conjecture” looks like? DON’T worry about it – focus on something from the game that catches your interest. DO overcome your fear and write down something, even if it doesn’t seem like a real conjecture.

Prof. Reitz