Group 1: Anik, Sue, Rachel, Nina
Group 2: Kimberly, Jaroslav, Angie, Fatima

11/9 working space Google doc

Assignment.  Choose one person to be your host – they will record your updated conjecture in the 11/9 working space Google doc.

Your goal for today is to refine the conjecture your group is working on, based on your experiences trying to prove it (as recorded in your Proof Journal). Some things to consider:

  • A statement: The conjecture should be a clear statement (that is, something that is either true or false, though you may not know which). Try to replace ambiguous phrases with something more concrete. For example, you might replace “it is better to start at a point with a lot of connecting bridges,” with something like “if a solution exists, then the starting point or ending point will be the point in the graph with the most connecting bridges.”
  • Specificity: The conjecture should be stated clearly.  It should include all information necessary to be understood by someone who is familiar with graph theory terms (vertex, edges, paths) and familiar with the assignment (walking tours).  A reader should be able to tell from the statement whether a conjecture applies to a given drawing or not.
  • Generality: Your conjecture should apply to more than just a single specific graph (it can apply to a collection of similar graphs, for example, as long as you describe exactly what types of graphs you are considering).
  • Drawing: You can create a drawing to accompany your conjecture, but your conjecture should be understandable without the picture.
  • You can revise your conjecture as a group if you wish – but try to come up with something similar.
  • You can add additional clarification to your conjecture.
  • You can extend your conjecture to include more types of graphs.

To be completed by the end of class: I will meet with each group individually to discuss your conjecture. Your group should record your updated conjecture in the 11/9 working space Google doc.