Blog #5 New Project! WAC Program Flyers

This week I am assigned a new client. It’s the WAC Program in City Tech. I had a meeting with Professor Bannett, Professor ElHitti and Osha. The meeting went well, it was actually their meeting about the project. I am glad that I attended this meeting because by listening to their brainstorm session I can know more about their perspective and the project. I also found some previous works that Faculty Commons interns had done for the WAC program on openlab website, they are very useful as reference.

After the meeting, Osha sent me the details of the project and he also scheduled the feature meeting for us to share ideas and opinions. I’ve been collecting inspirations and ideas on different platforms such as pinterest and behance. I came up with a few sketches so far. I shared my sketches to my mentor and also the Faculty Commons design team, they gave me some useful feedback. Lu, one of my trainers, suggested that I should make more connections between the illustration and the topic that was given. I think it’s very useful feedback because I was struggling about this while I was making the sketches. She suggested that for the faculty workshop I can try making the illustration looks more professional instead of just making a study scene illustration.


Overall, I think I learned a lot this week. The meeting with my clients was really a good experience because now I am less nervous when I introduce myself in front of the client. The weekly meeting of Faculty Commons also taught me a lot, not only because I got feedback, but also I can see other great works from the Faculty Commons Design Team and how all of us communicate about how we can enhance our works . 

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