About Me

Hello! My name is Zijun Huang and I am currently studying Communication Design at New York City College of Technology.

When I was a little girl, I accidentally joined an online group chat that was about Editing pictures. This was how I started to get in touch with Photoshop. I was very happy at that time because we could discuss design and art. However, this was not how I discovered I should major in Communication Design. Last year I was still in another College and majored in Computer Science because Computer Science was very popular and I did not know what I interested in. While I was studying in Computer Science, I also enrolled in a few Art classes in order to relax. I found that when I was doing my homework for my art classes, I felt more engaged, so I made a decision which was changed my major.

After I changed my major and transferred to City Tech, I found that there are more tools and applications that I could use other than Photoshop. I learned some basic skills in how to use InDesign last semester, and our instructor also taught us typography. Typography was more interesting than I thought, it could carry emotions by how we design the outlook of the letters. Learning how to manipulate these applications to express things in my brain is fascinated.

I am interested in the field of advertising and photo editing and retouching. I am looking forward to see myself increase my skills and creativity so that I could express more thoughts and ideas to people.